Markwick Counselling
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Markwick Counselling offers a peaceful and comfortable therapy environment for working through personal struggles, relationship and family issues, or feelings of stress, anxiety or depression.  Founded by Veronique Briant, Markwick Counselling is located in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex (see 'Location' page). Private appointments are available for individuals, couples or families (over 16 years of age). Veronique also provides EAP, on-site support and group work for businesses wishing to support their employees.

Veronique's approach is warm, encouraging and engaged - she is passionate about supporting people on their personal journeys. See 'Biography' page for more information.

Why have counselling?

You do not necessarily have to be in distress to benefit from counselling. Many clients choose counselling as a support to consider life options and sometimes just a 'tune-up.'  On the other hand, for whatever reason, you may have reached a crisis point in an area of your life and benefit from a safe space to talk through what's happening. Counselling is impartial, non-judgemental and confidential. See 'FAQ' page for more information.


  • Relationship and family issues

  • Couples: staying together; considering separation

  • Issues surrounding fertility, marriage, creating family, roles, affairs and infidelity

  • Career stress and work: change, redundancy, work/life balance

  • Mid-life questions: empty nesting, menopause, retirement and finance

  • Addictions, ACOA (Adult children of alcoholics/addicts) and codependency

  • Isolation, intimacy, communities and beliefs

  • Anxiety, depression and stress

  • Coaching support: change and transition; specific behaviour change

  • Group work for teams; men's groups/women's groups and special interest groups

  • Short term /goal focussed coaching (including business opportunities and issues)

  • Longer term therapeutic support

Markwick Counselling offers the opportunity for individuals, couples, families and groups to talk through issues in a supportive environment. In the process of being fully heard, clients can start the journey of self-discovery - identifying what is important to address and researching options for a happier future.