Privacy policy

The intention of this Privacy Policy is to explain the various aspects affecting privacy in your relationship with Markwick Counselling/Veronique Briant alongside the complex and changing world of privacy and digital media.

Please be aware that I do not currently use an email encryption service. This means that any emails you send me or I send you may be vulnerable to viruses or human error.  Often it is best to rely on e-mail for non-confidential communications, like setting up or changing an appointment. I will use your preferred email address and you can always text me if you prefer. If you choose to use email, be aware that all emails are retained in the logs of Internet Service Providers. 

Sometimes sessions are handled by phone or online. For online sessions, I use a medical-type platform which has encryption built in. When engaging via video conferencing, we both agree not to use any recording devices and ensure that each venue is safe and secure. We will discuss these details should we decide to work in this manner.

At the first session, client and therapist sign a 'contract' that outlines (various important information about the structure of sessions and) the nature of confidentiality. I will send this before your first session and talk through the details with you.