Fees & Payment


Counselling for individuals is available in the following formats:

50 minutes:                     £50

60 minutes:                     £60

1hr 15 min sessions:        £75

Sessions are also available by phone and online (using a medical-grade, confidential platform).

EAP Providers, businesses and 3rd party organisations: prices start at £75 per session to include required liaison, invoicing and documentation. 


Couples relationship counselling is available for sessions of either 1 hr 20 mins or 1 hour sessions and involves some preparation before the first session.  For the first session it is recommended that you consider a session of 1 hr 20 minutes duration.

1 hr 20 min (recommended for first session and optional going forward):     £90

1 hr session for couples:       £70

Individual sessions (as part of couples therapy) are priced as above for individuals.


A dynamic, personal development coaching session usually involving solution-focussed activities and NLP exercises. Coaching is useful for career options; short term decision-making and personal research.

Coaching is often short term - usually no more than 4 or 6 sessions. However, some business owners and individuals request a monthly routine appointment. More info within FAQ.

Individual coaching session 1 hr 10 mins:    £100

1hr 30 mins:    £125

Group coaching: 2 + (price dependent on number of attendees and length of session).


Note: Session fees are payable by cash at the start of each session or in advance by bank transfer. The cancellation policy is 48 hours notice, otherwise fee payable.